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Every project is unique. Don’t settle for a metal fabrications company that takes a one-size-fits-all approach to manufacturing your product or part. At Dalton Consulting Group, we help you bring your item from concept to completion with options for customization every step of the way.

Expert Metal Fabrication Services Since 1998

With our team on your side, you will have the power of an expansive international network of manufacturing facilities, raw material suppliers and engineering teams at your fingertips. Relationships we’ve built with these entities ensure your order is filled with unmatched speed and value. Delivering precision results with an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction has positioned us as the go-to choice for metal fabrication across the country and globally.

No matter what the specific parameters of your project may be, we can provide services you need.  Browse the descriptions of popular metal fabrication techniques below. Explore advantages to each process as well as the items they commonly produce.


Forging is likely the original metal fabrication technique and has been utilized by civilizations for centuries. It is accomplished by hammering material to a desired shape. Ideal grain and flow of metal can be achieved with this traditional method. While the benefits of the process, remain the same, modern innovation has increased the consistency of the products and speed at which they are made. Because forged items can withstand high pressure, they are often used for valves and fittings. Rivets, bolts, crank hooks and other structural components are often made this way as well.


Casting is the process in which metal objects are formed by pouring molten material into a mold. This technique allows for complex designs of all sizes to be realized. Engine cylinders and propellers are usually created by casting. It is also economic for projects of varying volume. Less power consumption and upfront tooling is required than other metal manufacturing methods.


Stamping allows you to mass produce a variety of shapes and designs with precision and speed. After initial tooling, the process is so quick, it requires little human intervention. This can greatly reduce your labor cost while putting your product on the market as soon as possible. Small items like cans, cups, lamp parts and bearing components as well as large items like automotive parts, HVAC components and tubing are commonly produced using this technique.


Welding is one of the most versatile methods of metal fabrication. This process allows you to conjoin existing metal components with lasting strength. Materials can be fused with or without fillers. You can make your finished product lighter by welding together parts instead of using plates, connecting angles and other related components. Welding is utilized by auto, railway, aerospace, engineering, ship building and other industries for its multi-use capabilities and strength.

Bring Your Vision to Life

Our team at Dalton Consulting Group is here to help you get your part or other metal item on the production line and in the hands of consumers. Ease of communication, flexibility and technical skill make the process as flawless as the results. We will collaborate with you to strategize and implement a metal manufacturing solution that reflects your unique budget and application. With over two decades of experience, you can be confident your project will meet or exceed expectations.

We promise to go above and beyond to exceed your manufacturing expectations.


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