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At Dalton Manufacturing and Consulting Group, we understand the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs, established companies and other entities when tasked to produce a tangible product. Actualize your concept, from initial design to finished product and packaging, with our experienced team of production experts.

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Expert Plastic Molding Services Since 1998

We take pride in the robust international network that we have built of manufacturing facilities, raw material suppliers and engineering teams. These esteemed relationships allow us to execute your project with unmatched precision, speed and value. Our commitment to client satisfaction has positioned us as the go-to plastic molding company, both domestically and abroad.

We have plastic molding solutions to fit every application. Below are descriptions of some of the most popular plastic fabrication processes, their advantages and examples of products commonly made using the technique.

Injection Molding

Injection molding is an extremely efficient way to create large quantities of parts and other plastic items. In this method, material pellets are melted at a uniform temperature and injected into a mold. The finished piece is then cooled and ejected. Because the process is almost completely automated, labor costs can be nearly eliminated. However, because molds must be constructed of high-grade temperature-resistant metal, this technique is usually suited for high-volume orders.


Overmolding is an ancillary process of injection molding in which a second application of material is injected for both functional and aesthetic purposes.  Ergonomic handles are a common application for this technique. Tools that require precision, like surgical instruments, also frequently take advantage of this technology.

Compression Forming

Compression forming utilizes pressure to form plastic objects. It can be a perfect solution for projects that fit the required mold depth. This method boasts a relatively low cost for mold creation, maintenance, and tooling. Because this technique preserves materials’ mechanical and electrical properties, applications commonly include computer parts and electric switches. Toys, handles for cooking items and car bumpers are often made this way as well.

Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming allows for the manufacturing of seamless plastic items quickly and economically. Using this technique is especially popular with large brands because logos and other insignia can be flawlessly reproduced. The process relies on air pressure, so the molds can be made from comparatively inexpensive materials like aluminum. Branded dividers in food packaging as well as full-scale housing for ATM machines are created using this method.

Blow Molding

Blow molding is a highly effective way to quickly mass produce hollow products like bottles and other containers.  A single-stage technique is possible for short runs, as well as a two-stage method for higher volume and more flexible design. You can even combine this process with injection molding to create bottles with threaded necks and other precision features.

Roto Molding

Roto molding is accomplished by spinning materials while applying heat so they will conform to a mold. This method allows you to create plastic items with precise logos and textures. Both large and small scale items can be produced using this technique. Materials can be mixed for anti-static, weather resistant as well as flame retardant properties – and even to meet requirements of the FDA .

Bring Your Vision to Life

Companies and individuals in a wide variety of industries rely on us to find the manufacturing solutions they need. Our team brings valuable insight gained through over twenty years of experience to every project we take on. We will work with you to determine which technique, materials and other variables make the most sense for your specific application. Our ease of communication, flexibility and technical skill make the process as flawless as the results.

We promise to go above and beyond to exceed your manufacturing expectations.


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