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No matter what your needs for a parts manufacturing company may be, our team at Dalton Manufacturing and Consulting Group has you covered. Our production specialists work with you to actualize your concept with precision, speed and value.

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Expert Parts Manufacturing Services Since 1998

Please Note: We Do Not Supply Individual Replacement Parts. We Have a Minimum Order Quantity of 1,000 Pieces.

Relationships we’ve built with entities in our extensive network of manufacturing facilities, raw material suppliers and engineering teams ensure your order is completed on time, on budget and up to specification. Your project will benefit from the insights we’ve gained from our over two decades of parts manufacturing experience. Get started on your next project today.

Prototype Tools

Prototype tools allow you us to produce tangible examples of your product before full-scale production begins. Our prototypes vary in format according to your needs. We can create computer generated images and scale physical representations as well as fully functional beta models.

Production Tooling

Production tooling refers to the various instruments that make the production of your project possible. This can include the molds in which material is shaped as well as the equipment used in the process. Composition and configuration of these tools will vary, depending on which manufacturing method you choose.

International or USA Based Production

Domestic and international production options will ensure that you receive precise results and top value.  With both international and domestic manufacturing capabilities we can provide you with even more flexibility in respect to the scale and budget of your project.


Castings are formed by pouring molten material into a mold. This technique allows for complex designs of all sizes to be realized. Casting is often used to create engine cylinders and propellers. It can also be an economic option for projects of varying volume. Less power consumption and upfront tooling is required than other metal manufacturing methods.


Stampings can be mass produced a variety of shapes and designs with precision and speed. After initial tooling, the process is so quick, it requires little human intervention. That means you can put your product on the market as soon as possible while reducing labor costs. Everything from small cans, cups, lamp parts and bearing components to large items like automotive parts, HVAC components and tubing are manufactured by stamping.


Forgings are created by hammering material into a desired shape. With forging, ideal grain and flow of metal can be achieved. Modern innovation has increased the consistency of forging as well as the speed at which it can be completed. Rivets, bolts, crank hooks and other structural components are often made this way. Valves and fittings that require resistance to strong pressure are usually forged as well.

Machined Parts

Machined parts are the results of a controlled material reduction processes like turning, milling, threading and boring. Metal, ceramic, plastic, and other raw materials are removed with computer automated precision to realize your specific design. Machine manufactured components and parts are attractive to designers for their consistency, strength and smooth finished surfaces.


Weldments are produced by one of the versatile methods for manufacturing metal objects. Welding allows you to permanently join existing metal components. Materials can be fused with or without fillers. You can make your finished product lighter by welding together parts instead of using plates, connecting angles and other related components. Auto, railway, aerospace, engineering, ship building and other industries utilize welding for its multi-use capabilities and strength.


Assemblies are a critical aspect in the creation of your product. In order for the item to look and perform as designed, it needs to be put together correctly. No matter what you are making, our team can help you strategize and implement a custom assembly solution for your project.

T-1 Samples

T-1 samples are prototypes that have passed their initial T-0 stage. These items effectively represent the functionality and appearance of the final product. Any inconsistencies between design and output are identified in the T-0 model and corrected in the T-1 model.

Prototype parts runs

Prototype parts runs put tangible items in the hands of your team, investors and, ultimately, consumers. We’ll help you put together a personalized manufacturing process to produce your high-quality sample as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Full Production Runs

Full production runs are our specialty. We can help you bring your product from an idea to a finished product with our extensive design, manufacturing, labeling, packaging and distribution resources.

Bring Your Vision to Life

At Dalton Manufacturing and Consulting Group, we take great pride in providing entrepreneurs, established businesses and professionals their manufacturing solutions. We have worked with individuals and entities in medical, industrial, agricultural and many other industries find the custom production services that fit their unique needs. Projects of all scales and levels of complexity are welcomed. Our ease of communication, flexibility and technical skill makes the experience is as straight forward as the results.

We promise to go above and beyond to exceed your manufacturing expectations.


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